Uploading Files: How and Why You Want to Upload Files

Knowing how to upload files offers many benefits. If you want to post a photo on a social network or forums, you most likely need to upload a file to do that. When you upload a file, you can share it with other people. The cloud has made it easy to upload files that you can access anywhere using almost any device.

uploading files

Uploading means sending a file or data from your device or computer to someplace online. For instance, many websites use web-based software for management and adding files. This software usually has a file upload tool or media manager.

Adding an image to this blog post required uploading a file. The person who uploaded the image had it on his computer. He used the website’s media manager to transfer the file from the computer to a server located elsewhere.

Uploading Files Through Dialog Boxes

There are various ways to upload files. How it works depends on where the file will go. As an example, to share a file on Facebook, you click the photo / video button in the post. This opens a file upload window. It looks like Windows File Explorer or Apple Finder. You’ll click your way to the file you want to post.

This is the most common process for uploading files. Want to upload an image to your blog? You’ll use the blog’s online software to upload your files.

Some online file sharing services have apps you can download to simplify the upload process. Speaking of downloading, that’s the opposite of uploading. Instead of sending the file from your computer to another source, you’re retrieving the file from another source. That file is saved to your device or computer.

Uploading Files with Drag-and-Drop

One useful feature commonly found in file sharing services apps is drag-and-drop. It works similar to moving files in File Explorer or Finder. You’ll select the file you want to upload and drag it to the service’s folder.

Windows 10 lists OneDrive as a folder in File Explorer. You’d drag a file from one of your folders into OneDrive. That automatically uploads the file to OneDrive. The same goes for iCloud on Apple devices. Dropbox does the same thing with their app. They add Dropbox as a folder in File Explorer.

Content management systems and blog apps like WordPress allow you to upload files both ways. You can drag-and-drop or go through a dialog box.

Other Options for Uploading Files

If you’re synchronizing or backing up files to the cloud, you most likely won’t do anything. It’s usually an automated process. Depending on how you have it set up, cloud backup tends to run continuously. Backup services either provide you with a choice for scheduling backups or let you know the frequency or timing of the backups. Knowing how to upload files lets you share files or access them from anywhere. Uploading files also makes it possible to back up your data.

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