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      Installed TotalSync on my BB KeyOne, OS 7.1.1 and it appears to be syncing. I was able to "Sign In" but then the app minimized.

      It shows my phone as being "OffLine" in the TotalSync Dashboard in my web browser?

      Also, when I try to open the TotalSync app on my phone it minimizes? Shouldn’t it open to the Dashboard or some other way of viewing my files?

      I ended up having to create a shortcut to my "Main Folder" once I figured out where it is.

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        Hello Charlie. Yes, the TotalSync app should open to the dashboard where you can see your file. It sounds like the app is crashing. Are you able to open it at all?

        If you can open the app, it would be great if you could send the log files, so that we can analyze the crash (menu in the top left corner -> settings -> scroll to the bottom -> Get Logs).

        If you cannot get there, could you let support know via and will find another way to get the logs.

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          Thank you for bringing this to our attention. There was a problem running on Android 7.1 and below. The problem is fixed and an update is released. Please update to the latest version of TotalSync from the Google Play Store.

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