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thumbnail Cloud storage pricingSince Drew Houston founded Dropbox in 2007, the use of Cloud storage has exploded. You’ve most likely used online storage to share files or collaborate. Now all the big tech companies have gotten into the cloud storage game including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple. With many viable options and cloud storage pricing all over the place, how do you choose the right one for your needs? People often choose online storage that’s free and easy to access. For example, those using Microsoft 365 naturally may…Continue Reading “Cloud Storage Pricing: What You Need to Think About”

thumbnail File storageBefore personal computers, when people thought of file storage, the first thing that came to mind were file cabinets for storing folders and papers. Instead of saving documents as files, people typed them up. A typewritten document was the only copy that existed. That is, until someone made copies of it. File Storage from Hard Drives to Media With the advent of computers, typed documents turned into files. The earlier personal computers saved these files on disks. People inserted these disks into a computer disk…Continue Reading “File Storage: The Evolution from File Cabinets to Online File Storage”

thumbnail Box storageAre you looking for the best cloud storage provider? One option you might be looking at is Box. It’s a cloud storage service typically for enterprises. Its purpose is to let users manage, secure, and share online content all in one place. The service deems itself a cloud content management system in which businesses can share information and collaborate. Aaron Levie, the founder of Box formerly known as, came up with the idea while in college. He received a marketing assignment that required selecting…Continue Reading “Box: Cloud Storage Service for File Sharing and Collaboration”

thumbnail Cloud storage comparisonAre you doing a cloud storage comparison to find the best cloud storage provider? It’s a challenging decision to make and one to take seriously. While it’s tempting to go with the cheapest cloud storage, it’s not the best move. Not all cloud storage services are created equal. The cheapest online storage solutions could go out of business. And take your data down with it. What Is Cloud Storage? Before covering what to look for in a cloud storage solution, you’ll want to start at…Continue Reading “Cloud Storage Comparison: How to Choose the Best Cloud Storage Provider”

thumbnail The CloudFor most folks, thinking of the cloud evoked thoughts of billowy white objects in the sky. Then technology caused a big storm when cloud computing came along to turn the cloud into a nebulous concept. Pun intended. “The cloud” is short for “cloud computing.” It refers to software, data, and services that run online on the Internet. Before the cloud, people managed this locally on their own computers. The problem with this is access. Before the cloud, when using your work computer at the office,…Continue Reading “The Cloud: What It Is and What You Need to Know About It”

thumbnail online file storageBefore online file storage came along, people who needed to share files had three options. They would send them by email, load the files on a USB drive and hand it over, or used an online service like (now Hightail),, and Eventually, these were no longer viable. Here’s why. The Need for Online File Storage Sometimes the files were too large for email. In that case, users switched to a USB drive. However, this requires delivering the USB drive either in…Continue Reading “Online File Storage on Cloud Servers: What You Need to Know”

thumbnail cloud storage vs. cloud backupNo doubt, all the batting around of cloud-related terms has clouded things. It leaves many people confused about what the cloud is and what the different cloud terms mean. And that includes cloud backup and cloud storage. People use these terms interchangeably but they’re not the same. Understanding the difference between cloud storage and cloud backup will help you decide what you need. What Is the Cloud? The cloud sounds like something that floats all around us. In reality, the cloud is where data and…Continue Reading “Cloud Storage Vs. Cloud Backup: What You Need to Know”

thumbnail what is file storageFile storage — also referred to as file-level or file-based storage — is a method for organizing and storing data. A file can be stored on file storage devices such as a hard drive, solid-state drive, mobile devices, network server, network-attached storage (NAS), or in the cloud. Simply put, a file contains data. For example, a Microsoft Word document is a file that can contain text, images, tables, shapes, and charts. When you select the file, it opens in Microsoft Word. It typically has the…Continue Reading “What Is File Storage? And Block, Cloud, and Object Storage?”

thumbnail DropboxDropbox is a cloud storage and sync service. You may be familiar with Windows File Explorer or Apple Finder for managing files and folders. Both allow you to find and organize your documents, photos, videos, and other files. Dropbox is similar except that instead of managing files and folders on a Windows or Apple computer, you manage through Dropbox’s interface. Dropbox has one major difference from computer file managers. One is that you can share the files and folders with a link. That’s because Dropbox…Continue Reading “What Is Dropbox and How Does It Work?”