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thumbnail free photo storageThanks to built-in cameras on phones, you have an abundance of photo storage right in your hands. Considering most everyone carry phones everywhere, capturing a memory is never an issue. At least, it’s better than the old days of film. You could take 12, 20, 35, or 72 pictures before you used up a film roll. When it came time to develop the picture, you paid for all of them. And that included the ones where a finger covered half the picture and accidental pictures…Continue Reading “Best Free Photo Storage Online Worth a Look”

thumbnail uploading filesKnowing how to upload files offers many benefits. If you want to post a photo on a social network or forums, you most likely need to upload a file to do that. When you upload a file, you can share it with other people. The cloud has made it easy to upload files that you can access anywhere using almost any device. Uploading means sending a file or data from your device or computer to someplace online. For instance, many websites use web-based software for…Continue Reading “Uploading Files: How and Why You Want to Upload Files”

thumbnail Video sharing platformsData from Google shows that 6 out of 10 people prefer to watch videos online rather than on TV. HubSpot reports that more than 9 out of every 10 marketers say online video sharing is a critical marketing tool. What’s the first website that comes to mind for uploading and watching videos? Bet the first one that comes to mind is YouTube. It’s not surprising because it’s No. 2 website in the world according to Alexa. No. 1, of course, is Google. And guess what?…Continue Reading “Free Online Video Sharing Sites Other Than YouTube”

thumbnail Online file sharingThe pandemic left many organizations scrambling to switch from in-office to remote working. Those who already relied on cloud storage for online file sharing had it easier than those who did not. That’s because employees can access their data from anywhere. People also rely on cloud storage and online file sharing for personal use. They may want to backup important family documents and irreplaceable photos. Or collaborate with volunteers. File storage online offers many benefits for business and personal use. Access Data Anywhere People who…Continue Reading “Free Cloud Storage and Online File Sharing Options”

thumbnail File sharing softwareThe use of file sharing programs has grown in recent years. One of the biggest reasons for that is the increase of remote workers. An international IWG study referenced in a CNBC story shows 70 percent of people work remotely at least once a week. This data is from before the pandemic. Moreover, a Gallup survey says that more than 40 percent of working Americans work remotely some of the time. Many more reports say the same thing and more so since the pandemic. Telecommuting…Continue Reading “What Are the Best File Sharing Programs?”

thumbnail free file hostingThanks to digital photos, people can take many photos of a single moment. Before the advent of digital photos, people had to hope they caught great shots with their cameras. Unlike with digital cameras, photographers took care when they pressed the button. That’s because the more photos you take, the more film you use. And you can’t select which image to develop. Photo developers processed the entire roll. Now, you can easily share your digital photos and files with friends and family. Most send a…Continue Reading “Free File Hosting Sites: Store, Share, and Manage Your Images and Files”

thumbnail shared driveYou may notice on some online file sharing sites there’s a “My Drive” and “Shared Drive” options. Just like the names state, “My Drive” is your drive. No one has access to it but you. “Shared Drive” contains files that you can share with others and collaborate. The name shared drive can also apply to an external or local drive. An external drive refers to one that’s not connected to the computer. Rather, it’s a stand-alone drive that’s on the same local network as a…Continue Reading “Shared Drives: What You Need to Know”

thumbnail file sharingWhat is file sharing? Simply put, file sharing is the process of distributing digital data. These can be documents, images, videos, audio, ebooks, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. Until recently, file sharing took a lot of work. The first thing people tried to do is email the file. But it had problems. The file could be too big to email or service. Security was also a concern. Some shared files by saving it to media like a USB drive also known as a thumb drive or…Continue Reading “File Sharing: What Are the Best File Sharing Sites?”

thumbnail data backupWhat is data backup? It can mean different things. Most commonly, data backup is a copy of all the files on a computer or laptop saved to another location. Having these files elsewhere provides a safe place to store files in case the original files are lost. Anything can cause data loss. Technology sometimes breaks. Hardware failures can wipe out the data with no chance of saving it. Data can disappear because of tornadoes, fires, floods, and theft. Then there are the viruses, trojans, malware,…Continue Reading “Data Backup Guide: What You Need to Know and How to Get Started with Backing Up Your Computer”

thumbnail Dropbox storageAre you thinking about using Dropbox cloud storage to save and share files? Do you need more storage space? Here are the basics you need to know about Dropbox storage, access, and space allocation. How Do I Access Dropbox on Computer and Devices? Before talking about space, you want to know how to access Dropbox. The service offers multiple options. From any connected device with a web browser, you simply go to and log in. This lets you access your files on Dropbox from…Continue Reading “Dropbox Storage: What You Need to Know”