The easiest way to access and share your files without using cloud storage

Our team wanted an easy way to sync and manage files without using cloud storage. There are very few options. These tend to have a complicated user interface or limited file sharing capabilities.

So, the dream is an app that lets you access and manage files on any device from anywhere. But the file storage and sync app must meet these requirements:

  1. Doesn’t use cloud storage.
  2. As intuitive as cloud storage apps.
  3. Allows you to share files.

We couldn’t find anything that met these requirements. It felt like déjà vu. That’s because this happened before that led to the creation of AkrutoSync. This time, we set out to create TotalSync.

How You Can Manage Your Files without Cloud Storage

Does this sound familiar? You’re away from your computer and need to access a file on it. TotalSync solves that problem. It’s an app for people who want to access and share their files from anywhere without resorting to cloud storage.

Saving files to Google Drive, Apple iCloud, or Microsoft One Drive would make it easier to access. But you don’t want to depend on cloud storage. It’s your personal data. You’d like to keep your data local on your computer, laptop, tablet, phone, or another device. TotalSync makes this possible.

Think of TotalSync as Google Drive, One Drive, or iCloud minus the cloud. With TotalSync, you can go to a website, login, and browse your files. You can share a file by sending a link to others. They’ll be able to access the file. All this happens without cloud storage.

When people click your shared link, what actually happens is they download the file directly from one of your devices. The whole process is secure. No one can access your files without the link.

You can finally skip the tedious workarounds for managing, syncing, and sharing files without depending on cloud storage. You can rest easy knowing your files are on your devices. Even if you have a Windows computer and iPhone, TotalSync works. It’s compatible with Windows, macOS, Androids, and iOS. We hope you’ll take advantage of our money-back guarantee and try TotalSync.

Company History

Akruto CEO George Tatar founded the company in 2010. It all started with his looking for a seamless way to sync his Outlook data with his phone without relying on the cloud. This turned out to be a gap in the sync software market. And that’s how AkrutoSync came to exist. Akruto continued to develop and enhance the software. It didn’t take long before the app gained many fans.

Meanwhile, cloud storage began growing. But not everyone wanted to save their files to the cloud. They did, however, want an effortless way to manage files across devices without the cloud. This sent Akruto back to the drawing board. And the result is TotalSync. It was a natural extension of Akruto’s mission to provide you with an easy way to manage your data without depending on the cloud.

Meet George Tatar, Akruto CEO and founder

Initially, George set out to develop an Outlook solution for his own use. As he worked on AkrutoSync, he met many other frustrated users on forums all over the world. They all wanted the same thing: a way to seamlessly, accurately, and reliably sync Outlook with their phones. By the time AkrutoSync entered the testing phase, George went all-in and left his engineering job for Akruto.

Prior to Akruto’s founding, George held senior engineering roles and led engineering teams for large companies and successful start-ups. As CEO of Akruto, George oversees product development and customer service. He credits customers with inspiring him to keep innovating and improving Akruto products.

George earned his master’s degree in information technology from Harvard Extension School. Prior to that, he graduated from Boston University with a BS in engineering. He discovered his passion for programming at the young age of 12.